LOWTeqintensive care

The intensive curve for intelligent patient care.

LOWTeqintensive care supports all intensive care disciplines in providing the best possible patient care.

Intensive curve with presentation of history data for circulation, respiration and blood gas analysis
Intensive curve

Our digital intensive care record enables complete medical documentation with simultaneous capture of all business-related information. The fully automatic capture of vital parameters saves time that may be used to provide better care.


Prescription and administering documentation and adherence to guidelines is simplified by the freely definable standards.

Excerpt from the prescription sheet. Display of medication and drips already administered and yet to be administered
Care chart with scores, care procedures and information on current treatments
Process support in care

Automatic reminders and warning messages help ensure correct entry. Automatic record checking ensures completeness. Scores are quickly and easily documented. 


Overview pages group important information from different areas of the curve by topic, for a quick grasp of the essentials.

Overview page for infection parameters, anti-infective therapy and catheters currently in place