Teaser graphic: doctor with folded arms

Modular structure and individual configuration: LOWTeqpdms enables full optimization of processes in hospitals and outpatient services.

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Innovative and integrative: LOWTeqpdms delivers all the features of a first-class patient data management system.

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Intuitive and simple to use: the practicality of LOWTeqpdms modules reflects a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its needs.

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Class IIa medical product: LOWTeqpdms also meets demanding formal quality requirements.

„Perfect teamwork!” LOWTeqpdms integrates AiDKlinik® for additional patient safety

“Back again!” Stefan Flach is back on board at LOWTeq

“Successful premiere!” LOWTeqpdms uses Timerbee at the St. Claraspital Basel for the first time

LOWTeq in use