The digital anaesthetic protocol for intelligent documentation.

LOWTeqanaesthesia offers modules for the documentation of premedication, anaesthesia and subsequent monitoring, and provides clinical decision support for anaesthesiologists as well as caregivers.


Premedication data is shown clearly in the anaesthetic protocol in the accustomed single-page format.

Premedication data in the anaesthetic protocol
Sample anaesthetic protocol page
Anaesthetic protocol

Medications, anaesthetics, syringe pumps, procedures and much more can be entered in the digital anaesthetic protocol easily, by mouse click or preset standard entries. The free layout of forms offers additional documentation space, for example for anaesthesia tech, personnel and doctor orders.

Automatic capture of vital parameters provides valid data with greatly reduced documentation effort. Freely definable standard parameters and adaptable lists facilitate the documentation of repetitive content. Automatic protocol checks ensure the completeness and quality of documents.

Recovery room

LOWTeqanaesthesia provides a multi-document view for monitoring in the recovery room, enabling a simultaneous look at different protocols. 

Presentation of multiple anaesthetic protocols for continued updating in the recovery room within an application